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We make it easy on you and your retirees

Providing healthcare for retirees can be expensive. As costs and liabilities continue to increase, the private insurance marketplace presents you with an attractive option. Not only will you be able to better manage costs; working with us, you can also rest assured that retiring employees will have a seamless switch from group to individual plans. We offer a variety of transition services, including: flexible and customized communication strategies, simplified technology, and HRA administration that makes it easier on you and the retiree.

We make it seamless for retirees

• Covering both Medicare eligible and pre-65 retirees, we offer the largest selection of competitive plans across all 50 states
• With the highest conversion rates in private insurance marketplaces, we offer real-time customer satisfaction surveys
• Our personal approach and dedicated customer service team reassures retirees that they will have the care they need


With side-by-side cost comparisons, our marketplace saves retirees money with an average of 30%-60% savings

We make administration easier for employers

• Through our marketplace, we offer a wide range of benefits, including: dental, vision, health reimbursement accounts, conversions, opt-ins and Part D Medicare
• Our marketplace offers scalable solutions for diverse groups of retirees
• With dedicated advisors and HRA administration experts, we downsize your team’s workload
• Providing advanced reporting through our Client Center, we track activity and retiree satisfaction


We limit your large group medical liability, by converting your complex Defined Benefit Health Plans (DBHP) to low-risk Defined Contribution Health Plans (DCHP)

Benefits for corporations

• SelectQuote Benefits reduces HR administration expenses, freeing up funds for other initiatives
• We enables you to better manage benefit-associated expenses and cash flow fluctuations from benefit pools of retirees
• Our marketplace boosts public and employee relations by increasing benefit adequacy and empowering retirees to combine plans to meet their needs

Benefits for government and public-sector organizations

• We help organizations meet and maintain the requirements established by the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
• Protect and improve credit ratings by reducing reported liabilities
• Decrease annual accounting expenses
• Help take a proactive approach to managing perceptions of changes in benefits programs



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